Ann Marie Sorrell

CEO, The Mosaic Group

Ann Marie Sorrell became part of Girls II Women in 1997. Her school, Pahokee High School, did what it could for students, but it was short on funding and other resources critical to extracurricular and college-development activities. Ann Marie realized she needed an organization like Girls II Women to support her aspirations and help her achieve her goals.

“The boys had sports, but for the girls, there was no ticket out,” she says of her community, which is known for developing outstanding athletes including Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Rickey Jackson, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin, Detroit Lions cornerback Alphonso Smith and many others. “Girls II Women inspired me to strive for a better life, beginning with getting an education that would form the foundation of my successful career.”

Ann Marie enjoyed many firsts thanks to Girls II Women: her first theater experience, attending The Nutcracker at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts; her first five-star restaurant meal, which gave her the opportunity to practice the etiquette skills she had learned through Girls II Women; and her first personal interactions with a diverse group of professional women, as Girls II Women brought these inspiring individuals in to talk with the girls.

“Being introduced to these professionals was key to my own professional development,” says Ann Marie. “I saw that I had many career options and decided I’d like to become an entrepreneur.” Ann Marie has made her dream come true, founding and serving as CEO of The Mosaic Group, a six-year-old marketing, public relations and event management firm with a 70-client portfolio of corporations, nonprofits and government agencies.

“The board members of Girls II Women were beside me every step of the way,” Ann Marie shares. “I knew I could call any of them for advice or help during my college years. They offered tremendous support.”

Feeling that support inspired Ann Marie to serve on the board of directors of Girls II Women herself, which she has done for nine years. “When you see that you can make a real difference in the lives of girls in these small, underserved communities, you don’t hesitate,” she says. “Girls II Women guides, empowers and educates young women to excel. We show them that the sky’s the limit!”