Randall Ryles

Howard University PR major from West Palm Beach, FL

My name is Randall Ryles, a sophomore, public relations major from West Palm Beach, FL, currently attending Howard University. In spring 2010, I had the pleasure of traveling to various colleges in Georgia and Alabama with Girls II Women, a non-profit organization on their bi-annual college tour. It was an unforgettable experience.

The mission of Girls II Women is to “equip bright, forward thinking students with the tools they need to be successful.” This mission is honored through the in-school and out-of school activities that are planned annually. Introducing them to people, places, events and opportunities; offering a network of mentors which include professional women and to offer a close-up view of the broad range of educational opportunities available to them through a bi-annual college tour.” Founding member Tarra Pressey states “the girls involved in Girls II Women are eager to excel in school, succeed in college and make personal choices that will help them build successful and fulfilling futures.”

When trying to choose the best college to attend it is important for students to make college visits. Touring the campus can be pivotal in a student’s decision to apply to school. During the tours, students are introduced to academics as well as civic and social organizations. Many organizations in one’s local community have youth empowerment groups geared towards assisting one in their future goals, usually pertaining to life after high school. It is even more important to become active in these organizations and Girls II Women was a perfect start!

Becoming active in organizations and clubs in and outside of high school are a vital part in building one’s resume. When applying for scholarships to attend college during one’s junior and senior year of high school, the scholarship team is usually looking for well-rounded individuals. Girls II Women provides an excellent balance of culture, academics, and exposure.

Additionally, when trying to become active in college, organizations may ask about one’s involvement in high school. A student who took on leadership roles, and was active in the community and in various organizations will most likely become accepted to an organization in college over a student who was not as involved in high school.

“The buffet has been laid before you, it is up to you to serve yourself” said Dr. Rochelle Ford, the Associate Dean for the School of Communications at Howard University. Organizations like Girls II Women is one delicacy included in the buffet and it is extremely important and helpful, providing the necessary tools to ensure a great amount of success when applying to college and once one is at college and trying to get involved. “It is up to you” to seek out these organizations and take advantage.

Thank you Girls II Women for providing me with the opportunity to visit college campuses and positioning me to be a successful college student.

I wish you much success in your future endeavors and remember to “get involved!”